And specifically? Some examples of our customer testimonies.

Chemical industry (Health, Cosmetics)

Alexandra Gilbert, Group Communications Manager at SEPPIC :

We have been working closely with ACSO for over ten years. Their team takes care of updating our website on a daily basis. We reached out to them when we made the decision to migrate our site and roll out a new design, because after all these years of working together they have always shown professionalism.

Redesigning a site is always a challenge. Migrating our online catalog, which references several hundred of products, represented a challenge for which organization and rigor were more than necessary. Their team managed from A to Z the integration of old and new contents, adapting them to the new templates and being a source of proposals for layouts.

We have also entrusted them with the management of the acceptance testing of the new site, where new page templates and features have been developed. ACSO wrote the acceptance book, and carried the tests out and exchanges with the team of developers for corrections alongside our project team.

Projects    Logo SEPPIC

  • Digital : managing the website contents migration of SEPPIC from DRUPAL 7 to DRUPAL 8, writing the acceptance books, carrying out the acceptance tests,  day to day updates of the Internet website Seppic, etc.

Beauty Care

Milena Koleva – CEO

ACSO supports us on a daily basis and helps us manage the communication of our tattoo care products sales activity, intended for tattooed and tattoo artists.

The multiple missions that we define together attest to the quality and regularity of the work accomplished by ACSO: Writing posts, programming and monitoring on Facebook and Instagram, selecting and preparing pictures, tattoo news tracking, advising on the design and contents, etc.

This community management greatly facilitates our communication procedures with our customers and saves our teams a considerable amount of time.


Gases, technologies and services for Industry and Heath

Jamie-Lee Howard – Communication Officer
Anne-Claire Lanotte – Digital Marketing Manager

Air Liquide, a world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Health, has been working with ACSO for several years already. Within our Benelux Communication department, we collaborate with ACSO so that their team provides us with all the support we need in order to manage our website, our blog and publications on social networks (Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin).

From programmation to analysis of results, ACSO helps us when we want to design, develop and plan online campaigns (Facebook, Linkedin, Adwords). We can count on ACSO’s talent and responsiveness, both for our digital projects and for answering our everyday questions.

Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, we are very satisfied with the relationship developed so far and we highly appreciate their advice and their help in our daily work related to the sphere of communication.


  • Community Management : Social networks management Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter for Benelux

  • Ads : Design, creation and management of campaigns Facebook, Linkedin et Google Ads

  • Web & Analytics : Daily updates of website and blog, production of analytics reports

SEPPIC – Ceramosides™
Chemical Industry (HealtH, Beauty)

Sebastien Merchet – Nutrition Business Development Manager North America :

Ceramosides™ is one of our main active ingredients for nutrition and beauty. As the consumers in the North American market take an interest in the ingredients of their products, it was very important for us to have a website to enhance our visibility and give information to our customers.

SEPPIC has been working with ACSO for many years. They know our industry problematics very well and this is why we entrusted them with the design of our Ceramosides™ website, in partnership with Caliatys for the development. The challenge was to design an informative and beautiful website for a double audience : the end users, but also the marketing teams of the brands likely to use Ceramosides™.

The result: a responsive DRUPAL website with a modern and elegant design that reflects Ceramosides™ universe. The website is a perfect educationnal media for consumers, easy to use and pleasant to browse. We are very happy of the result !


  • Digital : Conception of a responsive DRUPAL website for the brand Ceramosides™

Lincoln Electric – OERLIKON
International Welding Leader

Maria Nilsson – Marketing and Communication Director

Because we were launching a new product, we were in need of a mini-website, very simple and concise, to show all the advantages of our products. Moreover, we wanted to make different media (video, leaflets…) available for our customers.

ACSO is a partner that we trust and who knows us well. So we naturally turned to them. Once again, the team was very attentive and developped a beautiful and effective landing page, with a style consistent with our other brand websites.


  • Digital : Conception & integration of a landing page for the launch of a new product FLUXOFIL
  • Identité visuelle : création du design

Wine-producting cooperative Hauts de Montrouge (Nogaro – France)

Elodie Jasiak – Communication:

The website of our cooperative was old – we had it developed a few years ago and it did not reflect the dynamism of our wine-producing company anymore.

On another note, the technical side wasn’t up to date with the new technological requirements of the web ; for example it wasn’t responsive (adapted display on mobiles) and it was a real disadvantage for the search engine optimization.

We entrusted ACSO with the development of our new website and we seized that opportunity to change our brand identity.

The result: a new logo, a new brand identity who reflects the warmth of the Gascogne wines, and a website in french and english that allows our visitors to see our wines and spirits catalog.

Thanks to the ACSO team for its availability, advice and enthusiasm !

Projects Hauts de Montrouge

  • Digital : Conception & integration of the website with acatalog of products
  • Visual Identity: design of the logo & and of the graphic charter

Design and Technological Expertise for Innovative IT in Industry

Raphael MANSUY – Caliatys Director:

Our company is part of Air Liquide innovation network that promotes ideas and innovative technologies. We work in particular on the energy and environment related markets, aeronautics and space, scientific and advanced industrial IT market

ACSO’s good knowledge of industry, research and innovation is an asset to develop effective collaboration. ACSO helps us to address the needs of these high-tech markets. The agency specializes in managing complex digital projects in industry, which is not common and is very important to us.

We appealed to the ACSO’s skills for designing user interfaces for web applications. They are involved in writing specifications, web design, and front-end technical integration. In short, they accompany us in all stages of the projects.

Projects caliatys


Corporate Compensation & Benefits – Global Mobility

Eva Bagnoli-Vaniceck, Global Mobility Human Resources Manager

Managing expatriation cases is very complex, also because of the number of decisive stages for the success of the project. It is an accurate exercise to be performed between number of stakeholders : the assignee, several providers for immigration, legal and tax matters, Global Mobility and Human Resources teams of home and host countries.

We asked ACSO to translate our expatriation roadmap in an effective and playful visual support.

Their excellent knowledge of Human Resources business was a real added value and the presentation of our approach to the Magellan Committee (International Mobility Club) was a real success!

Projets   SANOFI

  • Print :Design & creation of communication tools


Research & Development

Christine Derouet, Knowledge Management Project Manager

As part of the deployment of our integrated HERMES monitoring solution, we asked ACSO to create our LOGO as well as various internal communication tools to promote our collaborative platform.

Their knowledge of KM themes and document management issues enabled them to meet our expectations with efficiency and creativity.

Projets   EDF

  • Print : Conception & création de logo et de supports de communication


French National Institute for Agricultural Research

Diane Le Hénaff, responsible for ProdInra

We have asked ACSO for designing communication flyers and video tutorials for our web application ProdInra, the Inra open archive.

We have chosen ACSO for their ability to understand the research context in addition to their expertise in designing web interface, communication and pedagogical supports. They also know what Scientific Information Management is.

They delivered user-friendly tutorials accessible through our website.

Projets   logotype-inra-rvb

  • Design : Design & creation of communication tools

Air Liquide WELDING
Industry (welding and cutting)

Georges ROURE, Communication Director:

ACSO employees have perfect knowledge of CMS tools that manage daily Air Liquide Welding websites. For us it is a guarantee for efficiency and speedy responsiveness when updating our sites.

We asked ACSO teams for more sophisticated tools to promote new welding/cutting solutions to our customers. Their creativity enabled us to better advertise our innovations.

Projects    air-liquide-welding

Industrie (Equipment Manufacturer)

Carlos Da Silva, Director

Our company manufactures special parts for the company vehicles fleets. We work for companies such as Veolia, Aéroports de Paris ..

When we started exporting our projects in Europe, we have commissioned ACSO for our communication needs because we needed an agency that knows the industry and understands exporting issues facing a SME. It is through the website that we were spotted by our first Australian customers!

Projects    logo-amilcar-solutions-

Home Healthcare Provider

Valérie GAEREL, Communication Manager:

An effective and exciting partnership. ADEP ASSISTANCE , home health provider wanted to offer healthcare professionals a web application to offer the choice of oxygen therapy treatment since multiple technical and regulatory factors can be very complex to handle.

ADEP ASSISTANCE and ACSO combined their respective expertise in a partnership to develop this complex tool, real multi-criteria selection device called OISO (Outil Interactif Sélecteur d’Oxygénothérapie – Interactive Oxygen Selector Tool).

This innovative web application was the subject of a patent application with the INPI. Besides mastering the purely technical part, ACSO was able to adapt and join forces in creating this web application. True driving force, ACSO deployed energy, commitment, curiosity the right way!

So thank you ACSO and see you soon on some new projects!

Projects  logo-adep-assistance

Communication Agency

Nicolas Galand, Associate Director HAVAS DIGITAL WORLDWIDE BALKANS:

We asked IT ACSO BULGARIA to develop online collaborative tool.

The aim of the European project “INTEREG” is to promote cooperation and exchange of good practices between European cities. The project involves 13 European cities and is operated by the town of Sofia.” The project was presented in Sweden by ACSO and HAVAS in October 2012.

Projects  ccic_logo

BIOCOOP – Pleinchamp dans la ville
Natural food store

Renato MODIANO, Director:

ACSO helped us innovate in our choice of communication tools. We have successfully tested our communication set-up on social networks.

Every week ACSO prepares our newsletter and e-mails it to our subscribers; they keep updating also our Facebook business page. The number of our customers subscribed to the weekly newsletter is now growing and it is a great success!

Projects   PleinChamp-logo-RVB