Specialist in digital communication, ACSO…. is an independant agency founded in 2003. Our unique offer consists in providing both; counseling and technical support in communication based on our experience in web front and back end development, project management, and web design.  ACSO collaborates with many large industrial groups developing new solutions for Small/Medium Businesses while ensuring high level of quality and services.

Agile,  ACSO offers its know-how and strong expertise in various collaborative projects; it integrates processes and organizations for greater fluidity (collaboration).The agency is involved right from the conceptual design to maintenance and daily data integration, offering follow- assistance over time in content management services.

European by nature, ACSO is located in Paris, in Tours (37) and in Sofia (Bulgaria), integrating this international aspect into all its development projects.The Bulgarian subsidiary ACSO OOD, expert center established in 2010, becomes a springboard to the European markets and a technical partnership of excellence for ACSO France. This initiative, financed by BPI and COFACE, was awarded “Best Hope for Export” by CCI Versailles.

Located in one of the largest innovation and research driven areas in Europe, ACSO headquarters are in the very center of Saclay (National Priority Area). The agency has also offices in the west of the OIN area, Saint Quentin-Yvelines, next to Versailles (future station of the Greater Paris transportation network) and in Tours (37).